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eminent people

Illustrious men and women to whom Chieti gave birth, or who have crossed their history and their lives with the life of the city.

Mons. Giuseppe Venturi.

A Theatine History.

by Raffaele Bigi

"I have spoken several times about the role of Msgr. Venturi during the German occupation of 1943/44.

Today I will bring back this letter kindly provided to me by Mr. Camillo Faggiotto, direct nephew and sole heir of comm. Amedeo Faggiotto, who together with dr. Mario Castellani assists Msgr. Giuseppe Venturi for the recognition of "Chieti Open City".

"Not to forget!"


Mons. Giuseppe Venturi

ferdinando galiani


by Marino Valentini

Regarding the theatine Ferdinando Galiani, we know that he was a philosopher and above all an economist who wrote a treatise on money, whose theories are still current and we also know that at about thirty he was sent to Paris as secretary of the Neapolitan embassy in France.

Ferdinando Galliani

costantino barbella

by Raffaele Bigi

Costantino Barbella was born in Chieti on January 31, 1852 and died in Rome on December 5, 1925.

He was a draftsman and sculptor, mainly in terracotta; as a young man he distinguished himself in drawing and sculpting small figures from nativity scene that brought him notoriety.

His sketches, his figures, his groups, his busts mainly depict characters from the peasant world with the typical clothes of the time.


francesco verlengia

by Raffaele Bigi


was a scholar of Abruzzo traditions, archeology, history, art; he published 250 volumes and articles on art, popular traditions, the history of his region, Abruzzo , catching 'the spiritual scent '. He taught History of Art at the Liceo Classico 'GB Vico 'of Chieti; he was responsible for important collections of documents and the foundation on the Abruzzese Magazine.


donato teodoro

by Raffaele Bigi

A prolific Chietine painter who lived between 1699 and 1779, he met Luciano De Majo, a pupil of Solimena, and was influenced by Gerolamo Cenatiempo, who contributed to spreading the ways of his teacher Luca Giordano in Abruzzo.


by Raffaele Bigi

Valiant captain of King Robert d'Angiò, he was first appointed Lieutenant of Calabria and then Master of the Field.

colantonio VALIGNANI

by Raffaele Bigi

He was born in Chieti in 1414 and was elected bishop by the will of the citizens of Chieti. He remained in office from 1445 to 1488, until his death.


by Raffaele Bigi

Missionary friar. Born in Chieti in 1539 and died in Macao, China, in 1606. Son of Giambattista and Isabella del Sangro.

niccolò toppi

Niccolò Toppi devoted himself as a historian to archival research and was the author of legal and historical works of great importance.​

anton giulio majano

He was born in Chieti on 5 July 1912, to Odoardo and Agata Maraschini.

He completed part of his studies in Rome, then attended the Military Academy of Modena, where he became a cavalry officer; he graduated in Political Science.


sergio marchionne

(Chieti, 17 giugno 1952 – Zurigo, 25 luglio 2018).

He was a Canadian naturalized Italian business executive. He is known internationally for leading the profound renewal of FIAT company.


luciano odorisio



Luciano Odorisio was born in Chieti. Very young, he left for Rome, where he trained professionally. He also initially wrote for several renowned scriptwriters and assistant director.



monica bacelli



Born in Chieti, she graduated with Donato Martorella and Maria Vittoria Romano at the Pescara Conservatory.


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